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Red Deer Summer Food Truck Events:

Food Truck Fridays

Food Truck Friday is our most well known event that started almost a decade ago by local food trucks with a desire to work together to build community around local food trucks.

Food Truck Drive & Dash is an event where local Food Trucks offer a drive through experience.

Drive and Dash is paused for 2021 currently. 

Food Truck Frenzy is a family focused event featuring inflatables, a live DJ and food trucks to create a mini festival experience.

Our events may change from time to time, new events may be added, some may take a hiatus. If you are interested in being part of our events, you can find event application forms at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your support of our local entrepreneurs.

Johnathan & Taco Monster

My name is Jonathan. I organize a several food truck focused events throughout the community.

I am passionate about building community, and love to see people gather over their common love of food trucks.  We work with local entrepreneurs who are passionate about the food they serve, and creating unique experiences for their guests.

I hope through our events that our community is strengthened, and that great memories are made by many.